Culture, recreation, gastronomy

Breath-taking environments, a Danube panorama one could never get bored of, the co-existence of arts and gastronomy; these create such a complex fusion that makes Ybl Buda Creative House really unique. It is an unforgettable meeting point and the new hangout for people interested in architecture, contemporary artists and thinkers, Asian theme programs, or the ones wishing for culinary treats.


The building that was left neglected and uninhabited for almost a decade, now, following a complete renovation, has been opened to become the embodiment of exciting dualities under the name of Ybl Buda Creative House. As for its exterior, this is a neo-renaissance ‘jewellery box’, which is again in all its glory, but regarding its inner content and developmental novelties it represents modernity. It is a nostalgic feeling to wander around its new-born spaces, to submerge into the atmosphere of the restaurant-café, while tasting beverage and food creations representing modern cuisine, designed with high sophistication. The contemporary art exhibitions and thematic lectures expand one’s knowledge and also provide recent experiences and food for though. It could be a location suitable for a serious business breakfast or lunch, and a tiresome day could also be closed in a light-hearted manner by an unforgettable dinner, followed by a cocktail sipped on the terrace at sundown.

Art mission


With the opening of the Ybl Buda Creative House the Hungarian capital city and the country was not only enriched with another exhibition space. A new cultural centre has been born, where visitors could acquaint with the works created by outstanding figures of contemporary Hungarian and Asian fine art, participate at gallery tours, lecture series or other exhibition related programs, all these in an environment that respects and emphasizes the architectural values of the past, while providing a modern atmosphere. It is also true for the artists exhibiting here, that the building is more than a simple ‘space’, easily conquered by their works.

The characteristics of the building represent challenge and at the same time attraction for the artists. The spaces with their different sizes and floor-to-ceiling height require creative playfulness, but, in parallel with that, they also give the opportunity to approach the works from a new angle, in a manner that would be impossible at a different location. As a result of this special construction of ideas built upon the symbiosis of space and work, visitors of the exhibitions can often encounter works that are displayed with a special approach or particular manner here - for the first and the last time.



Following the opening of the Ybl Buda Creative House hospitality function first returned to the building in the form of a café, then, since spring 2019 the complete gastronomical renewal of the historic environment has been represented by the Felix Kitchen & Bar. The restaurant was not given this name by chance, as the only son of Miklós Ybl was called Félix. On the other hand, this name is not only a historic link. Its meaning also reflects the very concept of the restaurant opened at the most beautiful venue of Budapest, a venue that, fortunately, is built upon harmony, freedom and intellectual challenges.

The primary goal of Felix Kitchen & Bar is to produce dishes by using ingredients of the highest quality. The time spent in the restaurant shall be at the same time recalling home comforts, but also an experience inviting for an exciting culinary journey. In the menu one can find traditional Hungarian dishes, but special courses as well, inspired by Asia. There is also a uniquely diverse bar supplementing the gastronomic offering with hundreds of spirits and wine specialities. Besides Hungarian wines one can also find foreign items as well, and furthermore, guests can also taste wines from regions that are lesser known in Hungary.

The attractiveness of Ybl Buda Creative House is further intensified by the unique fusion born within the walls of the building from the engagement of gastronomy and arts. One can meet here food and drink specialities reflecting the exhibitions, as there are always dishes on the menu inspired by Asia, but time to time there are also culinary surprises as well, such as dessert creations inspired by a certain work of art. It always provides a new, unique and at the same time complex experience if a visit to the Felix Kitchen & Bar is combined with a tour of the current art exhibition.

The iconic building of Miklós Ybl on the Danube Bank has been reborn and transformed into a cultural meeting point as a result of the preservation work of Pallas Athéné Foundation. Browse from the photos taken of the building, visit our current exhibition and select from our variety of cultural programs.

August 21, 2019.