Cultural meeting point at the Danube Bank

The Ybl Buda Creative House was opened a year ago with the exhibition of Gábor Miklós Szőke. The event was followed by a number of other exhibitions and various programs recently in the ‘newborn’ building: one could visit the exhibitions of contemporary Hungarian and Asian artists, and participate at, similarly to the exhibitions, unconventional programs – discussion evenings, workshops, film screenings, concerts, book launches, gallery tours, children’s workshops, or visit events within the frameworks of popular lecture series.


As a result of the value creating work of Pallas Athéné Foundations the Ybl Buda Creative House opened its gates in May 2018 in a renewed stated: both regarding its state and its functions, thus now it is also suitable for community-cultural purposes. In the past one year more than 40 000 people visited the building and participated at some of our cultural events, lectures or programs related to our exhibitions.

In the period behind us Ybl Buda Creative House hosted more than a dozen exhibitions, where visitors had the opportunity to have a look at the works of renowned contemporary artists, such as Judit Reigl, György Kovásznai, Eszter Csurka, Yoko Ono, Fukui Yusuke, Hur Kyung-Ae or Li Qiang. Over and above the exhibitions almost one hundred other programs, lectures, workshops, concerts, various children’s programs, film screenings and family programs were available for our Hungarian and foreign guests alike.

Hospitality has always belonged to the functions of the building, so we also continue this tradition following the reconstruction. In the gardens providing a breath-taking panorama of the Danube Bank, on the terrace or in our hospitality rooms visitors can taste our irresistible selections for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Watch our video footage introducing the most important events of last year
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August 21, 2019.