Visit the exhibition of Tibor iSKI Kocsis, entitled "THE MOON" by using our 360-degree online presentation.


Ybl Buda Creative House has now made the exhibition “The Moon” by Munkácsy Award winner painter, Tibor iSKI Kovács virtually accessible for everyone, with the help of digital technology. The exhibition is part of a global series of programs within the frameworks of which artists commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program all around the world.


As in the current circumstances exhibited works temporarily cannot be visited in person, we have utilized the possibilities provided by digital technology and invite our visitors to a 360-degree panorama exhibition tour. As a result now you have the opportunity to admire these remarkable drawings full of with powerful ideas, literally from your armchair; during your virtual tour you can stop in front of the pieces and zoom at the works by using the “+” and “-” buttons and you can imagine yourselves into the given moment, the very story of the picture. In the meantime, by clicking on the details marked with in “i” pictogram, you can also have a glimpse into behind-the-scene information related to the birth of these artworks.


Attention! As a default setting the panorama exhibition tour starts with an automatic spinning effect. Should you feel it disturbing, you can stop it by clicking at the icon visible in the image below:

Enjoy yourselves at the virtual tour, and we wish you a pleasant Moonwalk.

The landscape-like charcoal drawings at our exhibition entitled “THE MOON” were inspired by original photos taken by astronauts of the Apollo Program. As in connection with the opening the artist himself, Tibor iSKI Kovács emphasized, these drawing-installations have a landscape like effect at the first glimpse, but by having a closer look, spectators discover that in reality they can admire extremely precise nature studies. These artworks, elaborated to the tiniest little detail are not simply realistic replicas, but also sort of meditative pictures that urge the spectator for free relaxational association. The magical and mystic effect of the Moon is something humanity has always been interested in. And now Tibor iSKI Kovács has called upon the Moon to become his muse; his works invite visitors for a moonwalk in the past.

April 28, 2020.