Join us at our  latest virtual exhibition visit! Now our exhibition entitled "INTERIOR LANDSCAPES" is also available from your home with the help of a 360-degree, exciting panorama presentation.

We have utilized the possibilities provided by digital technology and following our exhibition entitled “THE MOON”, now the “INTERIOR LANDSCAPES” is also open for the public in the form of a 360-degree panorama visit.  You have now the opportunity to have a look at each and every piece of our exhibit while visiting all our exhibition spaces directly from your cosy armchair. During your virtual tour you can stop in front of the pieces and zoom at the works by using the “+” and “-” buttons. 

Thus, you can visit the extraordinary landscapes toured by the talented artists of the RANDOM photography group, and where these ideal and lyric situations were captured.  Click at the picture you wish to have a closer look, and then it would appear on a separate new page for you in full size. 

We wish you a pleasant walk at the “interior landscapes”.

In the focal point of this special exhibition one can encounter the unique pictures of three artists of the RANDOM contemporary photography group – Bea Kolozsi, Szilvia Mucsy and Ágnes Pataki –, captured with the help of some really sensitive attunement and resonance.

There is a common denominator in these three different characters, namely their affectionate relationship to the frail phenomena and fragile constellations of the world. Lyricism, indulgence, and the “letting things happen” type of approach result in such fine-tuned visual worlds that become unique and especially enchanting exactly because of their poetic relationship to the world. By staring at the photos one can marvel at the fact that it is a brave and free decision to get out of the chase for some prevailing perfection and observe the world with susceptibility to perishable illusions.

April 28, 2020.