Hungarian language treasured in the cradle

The Ybl Buda Creative House will be the location of the 10-day Csango Festival in August. In connection with the event photos and interactive installations will introduce Csango culture and the everyday life of Csangos within the frameworks of a dedicated exhibition. The festival is also enriched by a diversity of programs, concerts, tale reciting, and a book launch.


Our latest exhibition focuses on Csango culture and the everyday life of Csangos. There have been credible and reliable records about the Moldavian Hungarians since the Middle Ages, but there is no cut and dried consensus about their origins to date.

The Budapest Csango exhibition does not raise questions or search for answers, it simply shows and introduces people, landscapes, objects and traditions. It urges visitors to further consider the topic, by placing language into the very centre, to which the Hungarian language reform had no influence at all due to historic circumstances. 

As Hungarians we are in an exceptional situation, as we can encounter and speak here and now the language that used to be our mother tongue almost 500 years ago. This is the experience, among others, that we are about to share with our visitors with the help of the audio materials of the installations. 

At the exhibition visitors also have the chance to meet "in person" with some Csango people via the photos of László Járai. The portraits "speak for themselves", and they indeed start speaking. The amplified ideas give a glimpse into the lives of Moldavian Csango people. One can get a snapshot of their world view. By listening to the fractions of ideas uttered at this part of the exhibition one after the other, one can really sense the diverse linguistic world so characteristic of the Csangos of Moldavia: special prosody, intonation, the Csango hissing, pronouncing the sound /ɟ/ as /dʒ/ - these are phenomena one can hear and see by watching-listening to the composition.  

The exhibition is also enriched by interactive installations that can be divided into four groups and introduce a special overview of human life from birth to death as they are reflected in Csango culture. Besides the exhibition other diverse programs are also added to the offering of the 10-day long Csango Festival. A book launch, concerts and tale recital are also organized to entertain our visitors. Furthermore, Felix Kitchen & Bar widens its menu with Csango specialties for the duration of the festival.

The co-operating partner of Ybl Buda Creative House in organizing the Csango Festival is the Association of Csango-Hungarians in Moldavia.

Have a look at the photos taken during the set-up of the exhibition
Have a look at the video taken during the set-up of the exhibition
Have a look at the photos taken at the opening ceremony
Have a look at the photos taken at the exhibition