Explorers 2.0

Exhibition of the Budapest Art Mentor Program

A real cavalcade of trades, styles and subjects characterize the latest exhibition of Ybl Buda Creative House entitled Explorers 2.0 The exhibition introduces the works created during the past two years of the Budapest Art Mentor Program, as well as the works of the twelve mentored artists intended specifically for this exhibition.



The Budapest Art Mentor Program launched in 2017 organizes its end-of-semester summary exhibition for the second time, introducing twelve mentored artists. The majority of the exhibition consists of the works from the past two years, and each and every artist can introduce their new work, created especially for the exhibition.

The interest of the artists is characterized by heterogeneity, both regarding the genres and the subjects. Tamás Ábel uses glass, whereas Áron Majoros has chosen sculpture as a medium to study the various aspects of transparency, light and colours, as well as the ideas that could be communicated by them. Nikolett Balázs and Adrián Klájó depict their own peculiar world by using materials from their own environment; they tell stories about living on the edge and the visual legacy thereof. Tünde Mézes also works with already existing objects; she is interested in the phenomenon of expropriation and reproduction, by means of which the past and new contexts of objects appear in the space at the same time.

The digital and analogous photographs Máté Diósi reflect on current, local and global phenomena. In the often monumental pictures and installations of Gergő Fülöp he aims to shake the certainties of the present; there are parallel realities pushing against each other. Andrea Gombos experiments with various techniques and materials, by which she tries to interpret the existence and role of the individual. Ágnes Horváth synthesizes the experiences of her own generation of social media, and its effects on personal life and publicity into dichotomies. 

In the workmanship of Tamás Mikola masks are central figures as the embodiment of social roles; the figures wearing them search for the opportunities of social interactions and the discard of the ego. In the metal sheets of Marcell Németh balancing between two and three dimensions there appear man-made landscapes: motorways, electric cables, construction vaults. In her paintings, Katja Pál examines the medium itself, and its relationship with the spectator.

Have a look at the photos taken during the set-up of the exhibition
Have a look at the video taken during the set-up of the exhibition
Have a look at the photos taken at the opening of the exhibition