exhibition  by  Tibor  iski  Kocsis  at  the  Ybl  Buda  Creative  House

Come and join us for a Moonwalk! Our latest exhibition entitled “The Moon” is open from 13 March 2020 featuring the unique drawing-installations of Munkácsy Award winner painter Tibor iski Kovács. The exhibition is part of a global series of programs within the frameworks of which artists commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program all around the world. 


Between 20 July 1969 and 11 December 1972 man landed on the surface of the Moon six times and performed moonwalks. The first successful Moon landing happened in 1969, which was a defining historic moment for the entire mankind. However, since the 1972 expedition of Apollo 17 man has not “walked” on the Moon; it is only the remembrance of the past that is still with us in the form of memos, reports and photos.  

The landscape like charcoals exhibited at Ybl Buda Creative House were inspired by the original photos taken by the astronauts of Apollo 16 and 17 in April and December 1972. Although the artworks displayed at the exhibition were created on the basis of photos, all of them are independent, composition based artistic works, absolutely valuable in their own right. The drawing-installations of the Moon series have a landscape like effect at the first glimpse, but by having a closer look spectators discover that in reality they can admire extremely precise nature studies. These artworks, elaborated to the tiniest little detail are not simply realistic replicas, but also sort of meditative pictures that urge the spectator for free relaxational association. Moon as a celestial body feeds the imagination of almost everyone; its magical and mystic effect is something humanity has always been interested at. Tibor iski Kocsis referred to the Moon and history as his Muse; his works invite visitors for a moonwalk in the past.

In the past ten years the artwork of Tibor iski Kocsis has been defined by the approach and logic of painting. Besides the classic drawing tools – charcoal, pencil, chalk – pictorial spot drawing also plays an accented role in the artist’s perspective.  With his works he has always strongly reflected on the present, and contemporary culture, while, in the meantime, he has also elevated the craft, creative process of painting, as well as its unique, internal mechanism to a philosophical level. His works exhibited at the Ybl Buda Creative House are characterized by intense suggestivity; visitors simply feel the urge to stop in front of the pictures and imagine themselves into the given moment. By admiring the drawings visitors feel as if they were walking on the Moon themselves.