Special exhibition of Péter Botos glass sculptor

Our latest exhibition is open from 4 September 2020 introducing the breath-taking, experimental and unconventional works of Péter Botos glass sculptor.  The exhibition ‘Light Spaces’ embodies the result of the artist’s past three years of creative work; visitors can encounter many works at this not at all everyday visual magic, not exhibited before at all.


Péter Botos expands the traditionally interpreted three dimensions of sculpting in an unconventional manner; he almost extends space by involving motion and light into the project. By watching his sculptures, one might have the feeling as if his works were making a move, moving together with them, or even more, curving the space itself. Instead of being static Péter Botos’s sculptures are characterized by dynamism, virtual spaces running into one another, and their variation, which seems to be infinite. “My goal is to achieve a mostly unknown spectacle and visual experience for my audience by consciously using basic geometric shapes and the physical and optical features of glass”, writes the artist in relation to his own works.

The artist prepared a new and really promising selection for the latest exhibition of Ybl Buda Creative House. “The exhibition of Péter Botos is an extraordinary event. It is not only the première of his recent works, but also a distinct and significant step towards extending the borders of this genre”, said László Erdész, curator of the exhibition. The artist will also debut here with a new and promising material, namely the so-called semi-permeable dirolich glass used by Botos not only as an ingredient of his sculptures, but also as building material for his independent magical spaces. 

Each and every piece of art creates its own unique universe. The exhibited glass sculptures also function as prisms and lenses, and as a result, the rays of light create further independent images and sequences. This new spectacle also enables the exhibition to introduce various principles from the physics of light and optics, in connection with the glass sculptures. The moving forms are not in the way of light, but let it through, refract and transform it. The works of Péter Botos seem translucent and opaque at the same time; the diverse colours get their depth in the elaborated glass, and spectators cannot resist to be taken by this sight. 

The exhibition Light Spaces is open for visitors and free of charge until 20 September 2020.