Reigl Judit: Palimpsest

Selected works from the collection of 
Kálmán Makláry

The exhibition presenting the works of world-renowned painter Judit Reigl at the Ybl Buda Creative House provides a complete overview of the artist's oeuvre. By selecting numerous works from the collection of Kálmán Makláry the most important pieces are presented to the public from the painter's various artistic periods, accompanied by personal photos introducing her life.


At the exhibition of the Ybl Buda Creative House introducing Judit Reigl's works, visitors can get an overall picture about the workmanship of the world-famous Hungarian painter, who currently lives in France. By selecting numerous works from the collection of Kálmán Makláry the most important pieces are presented from the painter's various artistic periods, accompanied by personal photos introducing her life. 

The artist's works are exhibited at the biggest and most significant contemporary public collections of the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Tate Modern in London and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Visitors now have the opportunity to have a look at the "siblings" of these works together with paintings never exhibited before.

Judit Reigl is one of the most famous contemporary Hungarian painters; buyers are practically chasing and competing for her works at major international auctions. In 2016 at the end of a bidding-war the new owner paid no less than EUR 411,000 (USD 445,000) for one of her works.

The duo of Judit Reigl and Kálmán Makláry and their common achievements represent a perfect example for the encounter of an outstanding artist and an excellent gallery - one can admire all these within the frameworks of the exhibition with the help of the most significant paintings of the oeuvre and a selection of photos taken of the artist.

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