An exhibition by Yoko ONO and FUKUI Yusuke

Works of the Japanese Yoko ONO and FUKUI Yusuke are introduced by the exhibition of the Ybl Buda Creative House. In his series entitled Hidden Numbers FUKUI Yusuke places significant dates of Japanese history onto abstract surfaces; his works are supplemented by four prints of Yoko ONO, which have not been introduced to the Hungarian public before. The exhibition is part of our two-week program series entitled Touch of Japan.


The exhibition by Yoko ONO and FUKUI Yusuke at the Ybl Buda Creative House constructs a new, previously unknown world around us. Our visitors can encounter distant horizons, cardinal direction related pictures manifested in poems and an iron sea as well.

Fukui Yusuke was born in 1971 in Japan, but he has been living and working in Budapest since 1991. His series entitled Hidden Numbers is now available for the public, in which the artist places significant dates of Japanese history onto abstract surfaces. Besides these an almost eight-meter wide mixed media painting is also part of the exhibition, entitled Iron Sea. It is an interesting momentum of the work that the waves are formed by applying iron powder to the acrylic surface.

The works of Fukui Yusuke are supplemented by four prints by Yoko ONO, which have not been introduced to the Hungarian public before. Yoko ONO is perhaps the most well-known contemporary Japanese visual artist - besides also being a musician and a songwriter. She was born in Tokyo in 1933 and graduated from the New York Sarah Lawrence College in 1954. By the side of John Lennon, she became an active, dominant member of the avant-garde artistic life of New York. She has visited Hungary several times, as for years she a had a partner of Hungarian origins.

The exhibition Silence After the Waves launches the two-week long program series of the Ybl Buda Creative House, Touch of Japan. At the 150 years anniversary of Japanese-Hungarian diplomatic relations we organize art exhibitions, designer shows, various brisk and breezy events, book launches, workshops, concerts and lectures.

Have a look at the photos taken at the opening of the exhibition